C-Level Strategic & Operational Advisory Services

With the continously evolving healthcare landscape,
Hospitals, Ambulatory Surgical Centers (ASCs) and
Specialty Providers need to regularly seek out strategies and guidance to protect and enhance the growth and sustainability of their specialty services.

Integrated C-Level Specialty Services: (click for more)

SHA's team of C-Level Executives, including specialty physicians, can dissect the costly and highly important operational areas, quickly identifying opportunities for value creation and growth. From evaluating implant/device costs and reimbursement, to development of rural Multispecialty Ambulatory Care Centers (MACC's), we provide strategic & operational reviews and implementation that will make a long term impact on your bottom line.
A complete service line review and analysis will determine the viability of enhancing service offerings to include specialty divisions such as a musculoskeletal center-of-excellence, a spine surgery or joint replacement institute, a cardiac care center of excellence, and a rehabilitation center, among others. Most importantly, SHA can take you from concept through successful implementation.

When buying or selling a specialty surgical practice or ASC, it is important to ensure the valuation is fair for both parties, and that long term relationships remain positive. SHA's executive leadership team has experience. Successfully executing mergers and acquisitions can help you create value on the ongoing business.

There are nearly as many ASC's and MACCs as there are Hospitals, and without careful strategic and operational planning, the road to long term success will be difficult. SHA's experienced team can provide the unbiased recommendations that can help internal teams, general consultants and architects to properly plan for the future of specialty services. With the availability and growth of minimally invasive orthopedic, spine, and cardiac procedures the use and value of ambulatory surgery has significant growth opportunities.

The healthcare industry is facing an aging workforce and experienced healthcare leaders and operating personnel are becoming scarce. Interim leaders ensure a smooth transition by providing support to an organization while a permanent replacement is identified and vetted. Whether on a full or part-time basis, SHA can help provide extensive expertise in specialty operations, clinical leadership and finance, including key areas ranging from an interim chief of service, to reimbursement and coding specialists.

Finding highly credible and knowledgeable board members is sometimes a difficult and highly political task. Whether you are not-for-profit, for-profit, or public, SHA's well-connected CEO/C-level leadership team can provide a superior pool of candidates to give you the luxury of selecting from a group of well qualified executives. Our recommendations are without bias and are designed to accommodate your needs. SHA can also provide board member education for retreats or board meetings.