Compliance Services

In today's heavily regulated business environment it is imperative that healthcare providers have strong compliance programs encouraging ethical behavior at every level of the organization. The significant costs of noncompliance includes fines, reputational damage, and personal liability for the company, board members and senior executives.

A strong, effective compliance program mitigates the risks, supports financial performance and creates a culture committed to ethical behavior. SHA's compliance team has the expertise and resources to assist in evaluating and implementing compliance programs. Our extensive compliance service offerings, independent perspective and industry insight allow us to steer our clients down the compliance path to become an ethically sustainable organization.

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Utilizing our extensive experience, SHA can assist an organization in cost effectively designing and implementing a tailored compliance program. We will assess the degree of implementation and effectiveness of the compliance program elements recommended by the sentencing guidelines, OIG Guidance and established industry practice. Our typical assessment starts with an employee survey to benchmark compliance program awareness and ethical culture. We then transition into reviewing documents, interview senior leadership, and review high risk areas such as billing. This approach allows us to create a customized program to meet the unique needs of the organization.

SHA can provide your organization with the right person with the needed experience, expertise and qualifications to serve as an interim compliance officer during a period of transition, or we can manage all aspects of the compliance program. An independent compliance professional provides a proper perspective in evaluating the existing program and demonstrating organizational commitment to ethical behavior.

The implementation of HIPAA / HITECH has significantly elevated the importance of patient privacy, and the complexities of managing the extensive amounts of sensitive data maintained by providers. An outsourced privacy function would assist in managing the implementation of an effective patient privacy program and the numerous questions that may arise on a daily basis.

SHA can assist your company in evaluating the protections your organization has implemented to meet the growing governmental oversight of patient information. SHA can assist with developing policies, providing training, assisting in responding to suspected breaches and conducting audits to ensure your organization is ready for US DHHS unannounced visits.

Organizations committed to ethical and compliant behavior must ensure compliance issues are appropriately raised, investigated and resolved. The utilization of a confidential hotline has been recognized as a best practice by government entities and is proven to be effective in identifying issues that may not otherwise have been identified.

The SHA compliance and business ethics hotline provides a convenient way for an employee to learn about compliance policies and procedures and to report issues. The Compliance Hotline is staffed by trained operators who are available during business hours or an employee may choose to visit the organizations compliance hotline web portal.


The SHA Compliance Resource Center is a secure, web based software solution that allows compliance officers to efficiently and effectively manage their compliance programs. The resource center includes modules such as contract management, policy storage, incident tracking, and conflict of interest disclosures.